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Girl Talk Group - Empowering Girls


This group will explore the common challenges that middle school girls face as they are developing their identities, as well as tools and strategies to build self-esteem. The group will offer interactive discussions and fun activities that will foster learning and self-esteem.

Who is invited?

Girls ages 11 - 13


Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 pm (Beginning November 28)


Generations’ Family Health Center
40 Mansfield Ave • Willimantic


You must pre-register for the group.

All potential participants must meet or have phone contact with group leader: Lacy Kornilieff, LCSW, 860-450-0585 ex 6289.

A maximum of 6 girls per group.

Learning objectives:

• What self-esteem is and what it means to each group participant • Identifying at least one thing that hurts self-esteem and at least one thing that helps improve self-esteem • Identifying negative self-talk • Identifying negative images about body image that girls receive from society and identifying positive images that girls should get from society • Identifying warning signs of an unhealthy relationship • Dangers of social media and ways to stay safe


- If a participant is not already a GFHC Behavioral health therapy client, they MUST have an assessment prior to starting group.

- A parent/guardian must be present for the first group and the last group in order to review treatment plans.

- This is a closed group; no new members will be able to join after the first group.  


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